TenDB Cluster Error Message Reference

This section provides a reference for the various types of error messages in TenDB Cluster.

Error Message Reference

TenDB Cluster is compatible with MySQL error messages, and in most cases will return the same error codes as MySQL.
The following lists some other error messages specific to TenDB Cluster.

Error number Symbol Message
12501 ER_SPIDER_INVALID_CONNECT_INFO_NUM The connect info '%-.64s' is invalid"
12502 ER_SPIDER_INVALID_CONNECT_INFO_TOO_LONG_NUM The connect info '%-.64s' for %s is too long
12518 ER_SPIDER_READ_ONLY_NUM Table '%s.%s' is read only
12521 ER_SPIDER_SQL_WRAPPER_IS_INVALID_NUM Can't use wrapper '%s' for SQL connection
12524 ER_SPIDER_CANT_OPEN_SYS_TABLE_NUM Can't open system table %s.%s
12601 ER_SPIDER_CANT_USE_BOTH_INNER_XA_AND_SNAPSHOT_NUM Can't use both spider_use_consistent_snapshot = 1 and spider_internal_xa = 1
12602 ER_SPIDER_XA_LOCKED_NUM This xid is now locked
12603 ER_SPIDER_XA_NOT_PREPARED_NUM This xid is not prepared
12604 ER_SPIDER_XA_PREPARED_NUM This xid is prepared
12605 ER_SPIDER_XA_EXISTS_NUM This xid is already exist
12609 ER_SPIDER_SYS_TABLE_VERSION_NUM System table %s is different version
12610 ER_SPIDER_XA_MAY_PARTIAL_COMMIT_NUM XA transaction may partial commit
12701 ER_SPIDER_REMOTE_SERVER_GONE_AWAY_NUM Remote MySQL server has gone away
12702 ER_SPIDER_REMOTE_TABLE_NOT_FOUND_NUM Remote table '%s.%s' is not found
12710 ER_SPIDER_INVALID_REMOTE_TABLE_INFO_NUM Invalid information from remote table '%s.%s'
12714 ER_SPIDER_TABLE_OPEN_TIMEOUT_NUM Table %s.%s open timeout
12723 ER_SPIDER_CON_COUNT_ERROR Too many connections between spider and remote
12724 ER_SPIDER_GET_SHARE_ERROR failed get spider share
12725 ER_SPIDER_CONN_BE_FREE_NUM conn may be free
12726 ER_SPIDER_COND_INVALID_NUM where condition may be invalid
12727 ER_SPIDER_SHARE_INVALID_NUM may duplicate error after flush with no block
12728 ER_SPIDER_XA_TIMEOUT_NUM transaction execute timeout, wait some seconds and see the results
12729 ER_SPIDER_XA_FAILED_NUM transaction execute failed, please retry transaction

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