Transaction Scenarios

TenDB cluster supports both local transactions and distributed transactions. This document provides user's guides and best practices for TenDB cluster.

User's Guide

See Transactions


Below parameters should be considered when using transactions:

  1. Parameters for distributed transactions: SPIDER_INTERNAL_XA
  2. Parameter should be enabled when initializing a distributed transaction: spider_trans_rollback to ensure transaction Atomicity.
  3. To avoid the autocommit=0 option in the application framework, which may lead to unexpected behavior, parameter SPIDER_IGNORE_AUTOCOMMIT can be enabled.
  4. To avoid performance overhead, disable SPIDER_WITH_BEGIN_COMMIT. Performance benefits can be gained by not issuing begin/commit to remote TSpider for non-explicit transactions.

Suspended Transactions Handling

See Distributed transactions

Transactional Switchover

See SQL reference

Issue below commands:

update mysql.servers;
flush table with write lock;
flush privileges;
unlock tables;

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