Use pt-table-checksum To Checksum Data Between Master-Slave And TenDB Cluster

Database Servers Information

Catagory Address Comment
TSpider Node using TSpider Node to do data migration from Old_Slave
TenDB Node In my test environment, The TenDB Cluster has eight shards

The data synchronization architecture is as follows, I assume that the data in Old_Master and Old_Slave is consistent

Data Migration Architecture

Follow The Following Steps To Checksum Data Between Old_Slave And TenDB Cluster

  • Importing 2GB data into Old_Master (eogdata_server_felix.eogdata_files), almost 500000 rows
-rw-r--r-- 1 mysql mysql  2042961818 Mar 28 20:03 eogdata_files.sql
  • The imported data will be average distributed into eight shards(TenDB Nodes) by the TSpider Node

  • Now I use pt-table-checksum tool to checksum the data from Old_Slave and TSpider Node

      1. First I need to grant privileges to the tool, because I run the tool on machine, so I need to run the follow GRANT SQL on Old_Slave machine(
      GRANT select,super,process on *.* to pt_check@ identified by 'pt_check_pass';
      1. Run the pt-table-checksum againts Old_Slave, and check the output; You can see more detail usage about this tool at percona-toolkit
    perl /home/mysql/monitor/percona-toolkit-2.2.10/bin/pt-table-checksum -upt_check -ppt_check_pass --host= --port=3306 --chunk-size=1000 --check-interval=1 --replicate test.checksum --create-replicate-table --no-check-replication-filters --no-replicate-check --tables=eogdata_server_felix.eogdata_files
    Cannot connect to P=3306,h=,p=...,u=pt_check
    Diffs cannot be detected because no slaves were found.  Please read the --recursion-method documentation for information.
    Checksumming eogdata_server_felix.eogdata_files:  29% 01:10 remain
    Checksumming eogdata_server_felix.eogdata_files:  60% 00:39 remain
    Checksumming eogdata_server_felix.eogdata_files:  90% 00:08 remain
      1. The tool will create a table named test.checksum, and write the checksum result into the table, we need to check the result using the following SQL, that is very important that: the SQL need to be runed at the TSpider Node.
    ADMIN@TENCENT64site[test]mysql> select count(*) from test.checksum;
    | count(*) |
    |      502 |
    1 row in set (0.000 sec)
    the tool split the table eogdata_server_felix.eogdata_files into 502 chunks
    ADMIN@TENCENT64site[test]mysql> select count(*) from test.checksum where this_crc <> master_crc or this_cnt <> master_cnt; 
    | count(*) |
    |        0 |
    1 row in set (0.001 sec)
    If not chunks have crc or cnt different, so it means that the data between old_slave and spider cluster is the same!

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