Proxy Layer Scaling Using Ansible

1. TSpider Scaling Out

The proxy layer can be horizontally expanded by adding TSpider nodes. Below is a demonstration of how to add a TSpider node tspider-node-03:

Update the inventory:

#### SPIDER ####
tspider-node-01 ansible_host= mysql_port=25000
tspider-node-02 ansible_host= mysql_port=25000
tspider-node-03 ansible_host= mysql_port=25000

Run the playbook:

ansible-playbook -i hosts.tendbcluster -l tspider-node-03 add_tspider.yml

add_tspider.yml mainly does:

  • Install, configure, grant and boot TSpider nodes;
  • Synchronize table schema from the first TSpider node in the tspider group;
  • Write to Tdbctl's routing table mysql.servers and flush routing information.

2. TSpider Scaling In

It is easy to remove a TSpider node:

  • Delete the corresponding routing record and flush routing information;
  • Stop the TSpider node.

Here is a example of removing tspider-node-03:

ansible-playbook -i hosts.tendbcluster -l tspider-node-03 del_tspider.yml

After the scale-in finish, remember removing the host information from ansible inventory.

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