In this chapter, we list some outstanding developers and contributors. We gratefully acknowledges their important contributions and support.

Kentoku SHIBA

Kentoku SHIBA is the author of the spider engine. We would thank him for his creatively developing spider as a distributed database engine based on the MySQL architecture, and selflessly contributing the spider engine to the open source community.

Michael Widenius (Monty)

Monty is the main author of MySQL, a founding member and CTO of the MariaDB Corporation AB.
Monty devoted his life to open source databases. He incorporated spider into MariaDB products to improve MariaDB's open source ecosystem because of spider's great features.

Jayzhan (Weijie Zhan)

Jayzhan (Weijie Zhan) was a senior engineer of Tencent Game, and is now a senior product manager of Riot. With rich project experience and technical background, Jayzhan successfully promoted the technical cooperation between Tencent IEG Common R&D and Operation System and Riot on TenDB Cluster.

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